I have a question that’s not answered in the FAQ!
Don’t worry, you can always ask us questions directly in our Discord: http://discord.gg/soedesco

Will you support Truck Driver with future updates / patches / DLC / Deluxe Edition / etc?
Yes! We suggest you watch this video where we explain it all: https://youtu.be/-xeSVsGP1OU

We’ve got a huge list of community feedback and even though we cannot officially confirm the exact timing and contents of upcoming updates yet, we can promise that we will support the game and try to listen to the community as much as we can.

We don’t have a complete roadmap of all features and content updates yet, but here’s some things we’ll be improving for sure:
-Map Expansion
-More Traffic
-Better Traffic AI

We also got a lot of requests for Mod Support and Multiplayer. Although we totally agree this would be a great addition to Truck Driver, these are incredibly big features to implement, and right now it’s too early for us to make any promises about that.

Can I play Truck Driver with a steering wheel?
Yes, we officially support the wheels below:

PS4Xbox One
•   Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback•   Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
•   Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Force Feedback•   TX Servo Base Force Feedback
•   Thrustmaster T150 Pro Force Feedback•   TX Ferrari 458 Italia Force Feedback
•   Thrustmaster T300 Servo base•   TX Leather Edition Force Feedback
•   Thrustmaster T300 RS•   Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback
•   Thrustmaster T300 RS GT•   Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force Feedback
•   Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Alcantara Force Feedback•   Thrustmaster TS-XW racer SPARCO P310 (competition mod)
•   Thrustmaster T-GT•    Logitech G920 (driving force)
•    Logitech G29 (driving force)

Oh no, my wheel is not on the list… What do I do now?
Let us know via Discord (discord.gg/soedesco) and we’ll see what we can do!

Can I play Truck Driver with a controller?

I have some feedback for future improvements, how can I reach you?
You can always talk to us on Discord (discord.gg/soedesco) or e-mail us at support@soedesco.com. Please note that even though we always aim to answer everyone, it’s currently quite busy due to the release of Truck Driver and we might not be able to answer you right away.

Does the game have a day / night cycle?
Yes! (We have beautiful sunsets)

Will I encounter different weather in Truck Driver?
Yes, there’s sunny days, but it can also be cloudy, foggy, or raining.

Are there licensed truck brands in the game?
No. Even though the trucks in Truck Driver are inspired by real life trucks, we have not licensed any real life brands. This gives us more freedom to change truck stats, as well as allow for damaging and customization.

Which languages does Truck Driver support?

Portuguese – Brazil
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

When is the PC version coming out?
All info on the PC version can be found on the Steam page.

What about Switch?
We currently have no plans for a Switch version of Truck Driver.