Patch notes – Update #5

Hello everyone! Patch #5 is now live on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This one among others includes a brand new photo mode, rain effects and windshield wipers! Here’s the full patch notes:

  • Rain effect: Implemented a rain effect to be displayed on your truck’s windows
  • Windshield wipers: Implemented
  • Headlights: the low beam headlights now light up on your truck again
  • Photo mode: added an all new photo mode that you can access via the pause menu at any time in the game, set the scene and create your perfect truck shot
  • Peaking feature: fixed the centralization issue that occured when using the peaking feature
  • Xbox One – RateMyApp: fixed the recurring popup after declining the first and added a thank you notice
  • PS4 – Thrustmaster T80: Truck Driver now has official support for the Thrustmaster T80 steering wheel
  • Language: Arabic language now displays correctly in-game

That’s it for this one! We’re currently working on some videos about bigger things that are coming to Truck Driver in the future, so I hope we’ll be able to share that with you soon. For now, please enjoy patch 5 and we’ll talk next time! Don’t forget to join our Discord server to join the discussion at

Patch notes – Update #4

Hi all!

Surprise! Patch #4 is submitted and should be live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One within 24 hours of writing this post! We were able to squeeze in one last patch this year before the Sony and Microsoft offices close for the holidays. Here’s the full notes for patch #4!

  • The peeking feature (tap + hold D-pad left or right) has been improved and now feels a lot smoother and quicker
  • You can now use the peeking feature on a Dualshock 4 controller for PlayStation 4
  • Added peeking feature to controller + steering wheel overview in menu
  • Added controller vibration on engine ignition
  • You can now switch the HUD mirrors on and off individually in the menu
  • Implemented RateMyApp on Xbox One consoles
  • Fixed a bug where steering your truck was locked for a duration of time when in the ‘Mission Failed’ screen
  • You now have to turn off your truck’s engine before sleeping at a rest stop

Next year we’ll pick up where we left off and we’ll continue to improve and expand Truck Driver even further! In the coming weeks we’ll be dropping some early footage of work in progress features in our Discord server, so join now at!

For now, I hope you all enjoy the holidays and we’ll talk soon!

Patch notes – Update #3

Today we have good news regarding patch #3! The patch is live right now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Here’s this update’s patch notes:

  • Added a peeking feature to look left or right instantly using Dpad (controller + steering wheel) Note: this doesn’t work on the PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 controller yet, but it does work on PS4 steering wheels.
  • Tweaked David Sung timed missions (increased time)
  • Fixed bug where route doesn’t show up on satnav in missions for Iona Funar
  • Rebalanced weather conditions (Rain occurs less often)
  • Fixed rain clipping through roof of cabin in cockpit view
  • Fixed issues with steering wheel sensitivity and force feedback
  • Fixed inaccurate speedometer in cockpit view of multiple trucks
  • Fixed headlight and high beam indicator in cockpit view
  • Fixed visual bug when driving under tunnels/bridges in top-down camera view
  • Fixed texture issues in gas stations
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck in tutorial
  • You can now exit the game during character selection
  • Updated localization for certain languages

That’s it for now! Remember to keep an eye on our social channels and join our Discord to stay up to date!

Patch notes – Update #2

Hi everyone!

Here’s the patch notes for patch #2 for

  • Added a scalable HUD to prevent the UI to be cut off
  • Solved Clipping issues of the steering wheel and chassis of the Quest trucks
  • Weather effects have been tweaked, it will now rain more often in the game
  • Added a ‘low fuel’ warning when you’re almost out of fuel
  • Added an “abandon current job” option in the menus
  • You now have to turn off your engine before refueling

This patch on PS4 was combined with the second half of patch #1. Here’s the patch notes for that one!

  • Tweaked the ‘skilled driver’ skill, so it should be easier to level up
  • Tweaked the Refrigerated -and Container cargo skill, so it should be easeir to level up
  • Tweaked David Sung’s time trial missions (needs further tweaking and will be done in a next patch)
  • Fixed flipped image issues with Quest truck mirrors

That’s it for these! But please check out our latest video to find out what Kokku is currently working on for patch #3!