Patch notes – Update #2

Hi everyone!

Here’s the patch notes for patch #2 for

  • Added a scalable HUD to prevent the UI to be cut off
  • Solved Clipping issues of the steering wheel and chassis of the Quest trucks
  • Weather effects have been tweaked, it will now rain more often in the game
  • Added a ‘low fuel’ warning when you’re almost out of fuel
  • Added an “abandon current job” option in the menus
  • You now have to turn off your engine before refueling

This patch on PS4 was combined with the second half of patch #1. Here’s the patch notes for that one!

  • Tweaked the ‘skilled driver’ skill, so it should be easier to level up
  • Tweaked the Refrigerated -and Container cargo skill, so it should be easeir to level up
  • Tweaked David Sung’s time trial missions (needs further tweaking and will be done in a next patch)
  • Fixed flipped image issues with Quest truck mirrors

That’s it for these! But please check out our latest video to find out what Kokku is currently working on for patch #3!